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Thoughts on SPN S10 Premiere


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Dean to Sam: Bitch
Sam to Dean: Jerk
Bucky to Steve: Punk
Steve to Bucky: Jerk
Me: *gross sobbing in the corner*

Definition: A bitter, sharply abusive denunciation, attack, or criticism.

Ex: Dean’s diatribe against Sam and his demon blood addiction, calling his little brother a monster that needed to be killed, was the last straw that sent the younger Winchester over the edge, even though the voice mail was a fake planted by the angels to get what they wanted.


Definition: A figure, usually consisting of a line drawing, made to accompany and illustrate a geometrical theorem, mathematical demonstration, etc.


*Note: I’m really sorry, I can only find the original picture with Marshall from How I Met Your Mother and I can’t find where I got this edition from. If anyone knows, please add the source. Thanks!


Definition: Mocking; jeering.

Ex: When Castiel’s powers are stopped by Eve’s presence in the town, Dean makes a derisive comment comparing him to “a baby in a trench coat,” and makes it known he thinks Cas is useless without his powers.


Definition: The final resolution of the intricacies of a plot, as of a drama or a novel.

Ex: Truly, Kripke created the perfect denouement for Supernatural with his 5-season arc when he revealed that in the end, Sam and Dean chose one another over destiny and averted the apocalypse altogether.


Definition: Injurious to health.

Ex: Dean’s drinking habits are not only deleterious to his liver, but to his mental state as well.


Definition: To censure or find fault with.

Ex: John always found something to criticize Dean about, whether it was how he’d let the Impala “go to hell” or his deficiency in taking care of Sam.

Oh my God, I completely forgot I had this saved on my computer. I nearly died when I found it again!

Oh my God, I completely forgot I had this saved on my computer. I nearly died when I found it again!