Dizzy Hurricane
Deux ex machina

Definition: Any artificial or improbable device resolving the difficulties of a plot.

Ex: In my opinion, Alcide’s death acted as a deux ex machina, as after all he’s gone through to be taken down by a normal human wielding a gun just when Sookie needed to face her feelings for him was all so anticlimactic and convenient.

Last night’s episode of Teen Wolf had me laughing so many times.  Those characters/actors are such huge, adorable dorks and I love it.

I think my absolute favorite moment though was when coach said Stiles and Scott were like sons to him <3

I often have this issue where I forget to type the “c” in facebook, and so what comes out is faebook, and then I find myself wondering if this is the social networking site the fae use among themselves.

Someone’s having Lost Girl withdrawals.

Forever in love with that scene in Teen Wolf when the kids are trick-or-treating and Derek scares them off after giving them candy.  It’s just precious


Definition: Mocking; jeering.

Ex: When Castiel’s powers are stopped by Eve’s presence in the town, Dean makes a derisive comment comparing him to “a baby in a trench coat,” and makes it known he thinks Cas is useless without his powers.

8 days until True Blood!

And that means 9 days until Teen Wolf!

hurray for summer shows!!

I’ve been thinking about hunters around the world

and a pretty cool notion occurred to me.  Under the presumption that there are hunters not just in the US, what if in places like China and Japan, and other places where there’s the art of the samurai and ninjas, hunters’ weapon of choice was the throwing star, but their throwing stars had devil’s traps designs on them.

Idk, maybe I’ve been watching too much Supernatural while simultaneously reading City of Heavenly Fire…

I started watching this show called Political Animals

solely for Sebastian Stan, but I’ve ended up liking it better than I expected (granted it’s not perfect but it’s entertaining).

But the true star of this series I think is Nana.

That woman is basically who I imagine my friend Char’Lee to be someday when she’s an old woman.

So, I don’t watch OUAT

but I know Sebastian Stan is in it as the Mad Hatter, and I just wanna see those episodes.

I just…I fell in love with Sebastian Stan after Winter Soldier and him blowing up on Tumblr