Dizzy Hurricane
This killed me the first time I saw it XD

This killed me the first time I saw it XD


I hear this season is True Blood’s last

7 years is a good run.  It may have been stretching it out, tbh (although season 6 was pretty good)

Something I was wondering…

Agents of SHIELD had that episode with Lady Sif and she saw Coulson and knows he’s alive….so wouldn’t that mean she’d tell Thor?

Don’t all the Avengers believe that Coulson is dead?  Wouldn’t that change things….?

3 seasons of this goddamn show

and I didn’t realize until like last week that fucking Johnny Cage is the Sheriff of Beacon Hills.

I can’t wait for the bloopers from season 3.

I can’t wait for the bloopers from season 3.


That new show on the CW, 100, premieres tonight. I’m thinkin’ of giving it a chance. It looks interesting. And, since so many shows are ending soon, I’m gonna need something new to toy with my emotions.

I caught up on the latest TVD

and my favorite part of that entire episode was that first scene when “Radioactive” is playing in the background, and that moment in the track where the singer does a sharp intake of breath, they had the dead guy gasp back to life.

Brilliant editing

Aw, yiss!

All new TVD tonight. Finally!

So I just finished watching the very first episode of Hannibal

a bit confusing to follow at first, but I’m intrigued…

Ok, so I finished season 1 of Revolution

and something that came up a couple of times in the last couple of episodes that upset me is the constant fat shaming of the character Aaron Pittman.  He’s been called “Chubs” and referred to as “the portly friend.”  Why is it necessary to keep calling him fat and making fun of him for that? Have you seen all the shit he’s done to help people and what a fucking genius the man is? What the fuck does it matter if he’s fat?! Ugh!

Also, did we really need to get rid of the only main Latina character in the whole damn show?!

Other than those couple of things (that I noticed), I’ve really enjoyed the show so far and I think the plot is twisty and intriguing and I can’t wait to watch the second season. Just please, writers, try to be conscious of such things and not be so stereotypical and biased.